Even more Scale modelling.

New Features
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iModelKit v2.0 : New Features


Global Features

  1. Full iOs 9/iOs 10 support

  2. Full new devices support

  3. Localisation : The Application is still in english or french (this may evolve in a near future) but now data are (in samples charts) and can be (in your own charts) internationalised

  4. The UI has been fully redesigned to allow easier future enhancements and addition of new modules

  5. Specific coding techniques have been used for allowing easy future porting (a Full iPad release and a Mac release being our first targets)

  6. Undo support is now global

  7. Searching/Sorting/Filtering is available whenever a list appears

  8. Cut, copy and paste is available everywhere

  9. Drag'n'Drop has been implemented for easier use

  10. Specific Keyboards have been implemented for faster, easier typing

  11. Special care have been taken to allow easy access to features whenever needed

  12. The Pay release has now a lot more features than the light release, a new Inventory module is also available as a separate In App purchase

  13. Information is stored in a database to provide faster access, more data handling and one file backup

  14. Help is available on each screen via a simple tap on the title. It is contextual and displays information about what’s on screen. Global, detailed screen help is also available. Where needed, warning notes about colours/mixing colours is there to explain how colour works to understand difficulties you may encounter with global, model paint or computer colours.

Pay Release only Features ➊

  1. No Ad banners

  2. Allows the purchase of the new In App inventory module

  3. Project Importing is available

  4. Paint Charts can be created using Cie Lab, Cie XYZ or Munsell colour Values (not only RGB)

  5. Paint Charts/Sheet Catalogs Updates can be checked automatically

  6. Level 2, level 3 and best colour match computed Paint Equivalences are available.

  7. Paint Mixer has Up to 6 colours allowed (light release allows only 3)

  8. Paint Mixer allows another Mix as reference

  9. Scale computer and Paint Mixer can get references from projects

Projects Features

  1. Notes have been heavily reorganized to be used as Projects.

  2. The Folders are now named projects

  3. The top notes are now placed on the Scrapbook which is the default Notes place

  4. Migration from old notes is fully supported

  5. The Projects can have an image, comments and a colour applied.

  6. Notes are created by using the new Drag'n'Drop feature

  7. Notes have now new specific icons to allow fast glimpse at what a note really is

  8. Notes can now be modified directly

  9. There are more kind of notes, each shown with specific icons.

  10. Projects can be shared (Export only on light release) ➊

  11. New buy lists are smarter for computations of scale notes, paint sets and items grouping

  12. Buy list takes items present in the inventory into account for computing quantities ➋

  13. Buy Lists supports currency, price and quantity change to add items to the inventory ➋.   

Paint Charts/Material Catalogs Features

  1. Charts can be checked for updates and downloaded accordingly ➊

  2. Charts can be imported from both iTunes Sharing and Internet Web Sites

  3. Charts can be exported for sharing to iTunes Sharing and via mail

  4. Samples charts can't be edited anymore (to allow auto-updates) but can be duplicated for your own use

  5. Charts have now a lot more information : such as Paint Sources (Paints), References, Update URL, notes...

  6. Migration from old charts is fully supported

Paints Features

  1. Paint Equivalences :

  2. Are now computed in 3 different ways :

  3. Manual data from manufacturer paint equivalence charts or user defined (as in v1.x)

  4. Level 2 and 3 data computed from manual equivalences ➊

  5. Best colour match computation using advanced colour computation based on CIE deltaE (customizable) ➊

  6.   Can be declared using mixes ➊.

  7. Paint Colors

  8. Several colours can be set to a paint (for reference)

  9. Paint Colours can be defined as an RGB Value (as in v1.x) but also by using Cie Lab, Cie XYZ or Munsell colour values ➊

  10. New colour attributes have been implemented or enhanced : Opacity (0-100%), Brightness(0-100%), metallic (0-100%), pearl (YES/NO), fluo (YES/NO), special effects (text)

  11. Colours can be defined as a gradient of 2 colours to allow better representation of artist paints

  12. Colour Swatches have been updated to handle new attributes.

  13. Paint Reference

  14.   Has been enhanced to add price (including currency conversions) and curing time

  15.   A new 3D-like visualisation has been created to enhance the difference between paint swatches (Paint Colour) and paint references (Paint Jars)

  16.   Paint Sets have been implemented.

Sample Paint Charts

  1. Every sample Paint Charts (see here for a complete list of charts updates) :

  2. Have been updated

  3. Internationalised where information is available

  4. Price and curing time been set where available

  5. References have been updated where needed

  6. References Sets have been added where needed

  7. Colours have been updated or added where needed

  8. Reference Chart colours have been added using Munsell or Cie values where needed

  9. New paint charts without colour swatches have been added for reference, where information on colour is not available

  10. A lot of new charts have been added : Bringing the total to 104

  11. Total Charts : 104 (v1.5 : 41)

  12. Total Standards : 6 (v1.5 : 6)

  13. Total Manufacturers : 53 (v1.5 : 23)

  14. Paints : 13852 (v1.5 : 5071)

  15. Colours : 21272 (v1.5 : 5071)

  16. Official Colours : 5801 (v1.5 : 0)

  17. Equivalences :  10457 (One to One) (v1.5 : <4300)

  18. References : 26449 (v1.5 : 7286)

  19. References with Barcodes : 15819 (v1.5 : 0)

Mixer Features

  1. Mixer UI has been totally redesigned to simulate real proportions (where possible)

  2. Mixer computation uses advanced colour computation based on CIE deltaE (customisable)

  3. Mixer warnings are more explicit and covers more domains such as the new paint attributes

  4. No more “you must read the doc to know that you have to” shake to reset, a button is now there for that

  5. Mixer can now handle up to 6 colours as mixing paints ➊

  6. Mixer computation progress (including remaining time) is now shown (for long computation only) and can be either stopped (to it’s current best result) or cancelled

  7. Mix reference can now be set from another mix (thus allowing to create a mix from specified manufacturer mixes in instruction sheets) ➊

  8. Mix reference information (location, position...) is now stored if it comes from an image in photo album, iTunes Sharing or from the Web.

Catalog Features

  1. The catalog feature replaces the “hard to access” previous release plastic sheet list.

  2. More Shapes are now handled (Hexagons, equilateral triangles,...) as well as Sheet with Sidings (Corrugated, clapboard...) or Textured patterns...

  3. New shape dimension and computations have been added where needed, together with the unit of measure choice

  4. A New Custom keyboard for dimension has been created to handle unit computation and use of US metrics fractions (such as 1’ 1 3/64“)

  5. Sheet Matters such as plastic, metal, wood, foam, mirror, carbon... are supported

  6. Colours and transparency are now on matters that needs it

  7. A 3D View is available to see live changes and is stored as the item icon

  8. Inventory Feature has been added ➋

  9. References have been enhanced to support price and pieces.

Scale Sheet Samples

  1. Every sample Plastic Sheet Charts (see here for a complete list of charts updates) :

  2. Have been updated

  3. Internationalised where information is available

  4. Price been set where available

  5. References have been updated where needed

  6. Colours/Matters have been updated or added where needed

  7. New Shapes have been added where needed

  8. New charts have been added : Bringing the total to 5

  9. K&S Precision Metal has been added

  10. Midwest Products has been added

  11. Total Charts : 5 (v1.5 : 3)

  12. Shapes kind : 31 (v1.5 : 14)

  13. Items : 2562 (v1.5 : 1333)

  14. References : 3553 (v1.5 : 1965)

  15. References with barcodes : 2377 (v1.5 : 0)

Scale Computation

  1. The calculator like screen has been replaced by a real sized representation of the scaled shape (a bit like the old release mat view)

  2. Up to 6 dimensions can be computed depending on the shape. One dimension can also be used to compute a simple arbitrary size

  3. The shape is represented in real 2D size (so that you can compare real size cut outs on the screen) including on iPads (at 1x) or in 3D. 

  4. Most common scales have been implemented and divided by categories. Custom scales and categories can also be added

  5. You can use different units for real model and scaled model dimensions

  6. Once a dimension is updated, a search is made on catalogs to find corresponding items. This can be filtered by shape, matter, color, brands, projects and inventory .

  7. Every new Catalogs Shapes have been added (Pentagon, Patterned sheets...)

  8. Any computation can be saved as a Project note by simple D’n’D

Inventory Features (Pay Release + Inventory Module In App purchase)

  1. A direct, simple Inventory setter is available from each Paint Charts and Catalogs

  2. The buy list takes inventory into account to compute needed products

  3. The buy list allows direct transfer of bought items to the inventory

  4. A full list of inventoried Items is available together with history for each Items

  5. Items can be added to the inventory using a color scanner (paints only) or a barcode scanner

  6. Items can be added using a barcode scanner

  7. Items can be added directly from bought items from the buy lists

  8. Items from the inventory can be used as choices for the mixer and scale computer

  9. Paint Sets are managed

  10. Samples have been updated with BarCodes where available

Pay Release only

Available with the In-App purchase Inventory Module